FAQ Page

How are teethers cleaned?

Please take care of your teethers by regularly wiping. Use non-toxic wipes or wash with mild detergent, hot water and cloth. Please do not soak teethers.

Do not put in dishwasher, microwave or boiling water. (max. temperature 65°C)

If the beach wood needs some love, you can use a little bit of organic coconut oil.

Ensure you dispose of the teether if there are signs of damage and always ensure your little bundle of joy is supervised when using it.

Can children bite through teether?

Our teethers have been developed specifically for children who are in the teething phase and are able to withstand a tough bite.

To ensure your baby’s safety, examine the teethers prior to each use to see if they display any signs of wear and tear or damage and replace if necessary.

 Can I change out items in the gift boxes?

As of right now, I have had all gift boxes pre packaged. In future we look to pack each box individually. Thank you for supporting our small family business.